Healthcare Accreditation, Credentialing and Recruitment

Global Connects promotes Safety, Quality and Excellence in health.

We bring mobile health care to your residence and communities

We work with health care organizations attain the highest quality and business standard.

Global Connect promotes excellence

  1. Sustain Quality Standards. We promote quality by accreditation with the best accreditation systems like the Joint Commission, CHAPs and ACHC, etc.
  2. Credentialing with health insurance organization. We promote credentialing with public and private health insurance organizations

  3. Recruitment and Retention of health care professionals. We promote continuous recruitment and retention strategies of high quality health care professionals

  4. We promote compliance to local, state, federal and health professional standards by developing policy and procedures and operation manuals.

  5. We provide support in certification and accreditation and credentialing of health care professionals and organizations.

For further information, contact us at: or 571.225.5736

Global Connect Inc.
571.225.5736 or 703.933.8737

One thought on “Healthcare Accreditation, Credentialing and Recruitment

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