Improving our Environment of Care towards our Divinity in Serving Others in Diversity!

Re: Promoting Our Divinity in Diversity- Improving our Environment of Care

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Divine Connect 4 Global Enterprises & GPS/Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable Security!

The body and nature in general has an inbuilt resource for healing and regeneration.

Our task is to create an enabling healing environment that is not polluted with drugs and too much interference

we need to Eliminate Threat of too many toxic drugs and interventions, reduce risk of exposure to immune compromise activities and convert our challenges of emotional, psychological stress towards opportunities for healing and regeneration.

Modern medicine and health programs have become a great source of distress, sickness and complications!

Our professional standards should promote healthy life styles, such as balanced nutritional diet, healthy isometric and isotonic exercises and creative leisure

The toxic food industry, the Medical and Military Industrial Complex are part and parcel of the problem to modern disease, sickness injuries converting health into a disease industry

The Joint Commission should be at the forefront of prevention and early intervention based wellness entered enterprise and not facilitate The drug, surgical and military industry complex assault into our health and economic welfare

We need new set of Public Health Standards based on Prevention, Early Intervention and integrated wellness!

Enough of giving tacit over and covert support to the Mock Greedy Geriatric Male Goons of Politicians, Princes and Popes who abuse the global community with their revolving doors of abuse.

Can you be part of the solution in the health care industry?

We need to treat our bodies like Cars and have seasonal health checks and should compensate professionals for keeping us healthy and not bankrupt us when we get sick or in our last one week of life

From the Original April 1993 White House Health Care Reform Author of “Universal Health Care Now for America-An Idea Whose time has come!

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