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A Management Consulting firm for business enterprises.


EOM 4 Success: Enlighten, Organize and Mobilize for Success


Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH


Measuring Performance 4 Success!


  1. The Alpha –Numeric Tool (123 &ABC)
  2. Qualitative & Quantitative Performance Evaluation Tools
  3. Design, Process and Outcome Evaluation


Measure of Success/MoS@>90% Compliance


  1. A+= >95% MoS C=   70% MoS
  2. A=     >90% MoS D= 60%MoS
  3. B=   -80% MoS E= 50% MoS

Empowering Talent for Success! Via Continuous Education 4 Life

  1. Recruiting Talent 4 Business Enterprises.
  2. Best Practice Guidelines for Success: PPP/Partnerships 4 Promoting &Preventing
  3. Promoting the culture of Integrity: ICE/Integrity, Compliance and Excellence
    • Preventing WAF/Waste, Abuse and Fraud
    • By CAT/Complete, Accurate and Timely Documentation and Signature.
    • Via Continuous Education 4 Live via CAT In-service Training!
    • Tool: Use of SMART Home Visit Appointment Planner

Mobile health: Making wellness accessible and affordable to all

The most expanding and profitable business ever!

  1. How we do business: Promoting 3A+3Es & FOC
  1. Accessible, Affordable, Accountable Care
  2. That is Efficient, Effective and Equitable and
  3. Delivered within an environment of Freedom of Choice
  1. The Five Pillars of Success
  1. ICE/Integrity, Compliance & Excellence
  2. Investment 4 Profitability
  3. Growth and Marketing
  4. Quality based Perception of Care
  5. Human Resources & Talent Management
  1. Calendar based SMART Productivity

Resources: Integrating TST/Time, Space and Talent


  1. Technology Driven Integration: integrating vision, voice & text
  2. The Alphanumeric Grid: integrating numbers and letters (1,2,3 and A, B, C)
  3. Pathway 4 Excellence & Success: use of SMART Checklist

SMART/Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time Sensitive

Answering: (what, how, why, who, when and where)

How do we make success happen?

The culture of success: Due Diligence with a Checklist

Remember: The pathway to Success! Integration & CAT documentation

  1. Events >>> 2. Facts >>> 3. Information >>>4. Wisdom >>>5.Genius>>>4Success!
  • A series of events make facts and accumulation of facts information
  • Organized information becomes wisdom and integrated widow creates a Genius
  • A Genius serving others in Diversity is Success creating Divinity in Diversity!

Divinity is serving others in Diversity! Mobile Health makes Divinity happen!

Enlighten, Organize and Mobilize for Productivity


Corporate, HR/Talent and Clinical Operation level.

Achieving Corporate Compliance

  • Corporate Meetings Minutes with Productivity Reports
  • Corporate Good Governance: Promoting GG=SAT

GG=SAT, Stakeholders Accountability & Transparency

FoC= Freedom of Choice: Perception of Care: PSS/PCR

Evidence of Compliance to Professional, State and Federal Standards (www.CMS.Gov);,

Evidence based Compliance with Measure of Success >90% Compliance

  1. Corporate Compliance
  2. Talent Compliance
  3. Operational Compliance
  1. The Corporate Compliance:

A.1 What: Compliance

  1. Article of Incorporation and Bylaws
  2. Operational Policies and Procedures
  3. Licenses and Certifications
  4. Organizational Structure
  5. Appointment Letter for GB, PAC & SMT with Job Desriptions

How: Evidence based Compliance:   “If It is Not Documented!   …It Did Not Happen!”

A.2 Corporate Meetings and Productivity Reports of Compliance

Calendar based productivity with Minutes and Reports


  1. Annual: Governing Board: 15 February: Resources +Talent + Standards
  2. Quarterly: PAC Meetings: Ethics, Quality, 15th (Jan, Apr, `July & Oct)
  3. Monthly: Senior Management Meetings: Productivity Reports @ 1/12 interval
  4. Weekly: Staff Meetings: Productivity Reports @ Weekly interval
  1. HR/Talent Compliance: promoting Recruitment and Retention
  1. Recruitment: Application, Resume, Reference and License & Certification
  2. Verification: I-9 Work Permit, Background Check, Picture ID: SSN
  3. Competency: CPR, Orientation, Supervisory skills Check, Eval @ 3/12, 12/12
  4. Professional Development: KAP: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Practice Assessment and Next Steps of leadership
  1. Operational Documents: Calendar based productivity:

MoS/Measure of Success@>90% Compliance

  1. Ref & Admission: >90% MoS- 1,2,3 days: Adm within 48 hours, Visit within 72 hours, QA & Billing daily within a week and track payment @daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  2. Care: CoC/CoC with CAT documentation of Plans of Care and Visit Notes
  3. Transfer/Discharge: D/T-Summary (History, Treatment and Rehabilitation Goals)


Combating WAF with ICE via CAT

Remember: CAT/ Complete, Accurate and Timely documentation with Signature

       Remember: If it is not documented! ….It did not happen!

The Challenge: OIG Strategic Plan for 2015-20120

(>90%Certification &>25% Billing Error)

  • The Challenge: Prevent WAF/Waste, Abuse and Fraud
  • The Solution: ICE/Integrity, Compliance and Excellence 4 Success!
  • The Opportunity: Accreditation and Excellence based Business Growth

The Strategy: Promote the culture of ICE via CQI &ET, RR, CCO

via CQI/Continuous Quality Improvement by Eliminating Threat, Reducing Risk & Converting Challenges into Opportunities


  • Some body’s challenges are some one else’s’ opportunity
  • Opportunity comes to a prepared mind and Ready 2 Go- organization!


  • The Approach: Calendar based Checklist & Appointment Planner

Our Strategy: ET, RR, CCO

Eliminate Threat, Reduce Risk and Convert Challenges in 2 Opportuities!

The Global Connect Enterprises 5 Tools of Success!

Five Tools: RCA, CORT, NDSIM, OA and SMART

  1. Identifying the Challenge: Research Pyramid/Root Cause Analysis







  1. CORT Analysis: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks and Threats
  • Converting Challenges into Opportunities
  • By Eliminating Threats and Reducing Risks
  • Providing Option Appraisals towards Best, Win-win and compromise options
  • Integrating Need, Demand and Supply Interaction Models
  • Operate with SMART Work Plan that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Sensitive.

CAT/Complete, Accurate and Timely

Documentation with Signature

Promoting the culture of ICE/Integrity, Compliance and Excellence-Always!

CORT Analysis: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks and Threats

C                                                                    O

R                                                                    T

Our strategy: Eliminate Threat, Reduce Risk and Convert Challenges into Opportunities.

Remember: Somebody’s challenges and some one else’s’ opportunities!

Luck /opportunity chooses the prepared mind and organization

3.NDSIM: The Needs, Demand, and Supply Interaction Model

Need what is identified as important

Demand what people are prepared to pay for

Supply what professionals provide

  1. Unmet Spheres of   Need, Demand & Supply
  2. Met Need, Demand & Supply: Universal Health Care                                                                                                                                                 B


Integrating the universe of Need, Demand and Supply: Universal Health Care Plan?

  • Clinical Need: identified and authorized MD Order, MD Plan of Care
  • Demand: Insurance Verification and payment: Public, Private
  • Supply: Patient Satisfaction with MD Plan of Care, Clinical Care Plan:
  • Satisfaction with the Outcome: Goal/Activity: Type, frequency, duration, progress, MoS: Measure of Success to measure of Outcome/Satisfaction @>90% compliance

Marketing: User-friendly problem solving approach to growth and opportunities

Patient Satisfaction the Best Marking Tool:

Referral Sources:

MD Offices, Discharge Planners and Community

Decision Science & Option Appraisal
Option Appraisals: Integrating Choices of Time and Priorities: 0, 1,2,3 and ABC

Options in terms of Priorities and Time

0               1                                 2               3




Priorities                                                                                                        Time

  • Best Option Immediate
  • Win-Win Option Intermediate
  • Compromise Option Long Term

There are Nine Options for Each Decision! Making the Priorities in time

Organized Options:09/nine                                                                            Disorganized Options:0.~

  • Best Option: 3A, 2B, 3A
  • Win-Win Option: 3B, 2B, 2B
  • Compromise Option: 3C, 2C, 1C
  1. Calendar based SMART Work Plan (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly)
  • Specific: What activity?
  • Measurable: How many and for how long?
  • Achievable: managing resource and talent?
  • Realistic: managing standards and expectation?
  • Time Sensitive: How often and how soon?

GC /Global Connect Tools 4 Success

  1. Accreditation:
  • Presentation of Certification of competency, authority and credibility
  • Accredited Certification bodies: ACHC, CHAP, TJC
  • org,, TJC/
  1. Standard compliance tools: Forms, Checklists and Alerts

CHAP: Community Health Accreditation Partner: 50 Years, DC (HH, PH, NS

ACHC: Residential Nursing Facilities, Hospice, Rehab facilities,

TJC: Hospitals, Urgent Cares, MD clinics, Pharmacies

Budget Based Consulting

Contract that specified:

  • Activities,
  • Products and
  • Outcome

Process & Options

  • Deposit
  • Monthly Payment
  • Final Payment

Benefits of Accreditation

Mobile Heath is a People Centered Business

Promoting Wellbeing of People: Body, Mind and Spirit /Primate, Human & Divine

Anatomy, Physiology and Emotions & Perceptions

Rule of 8: Daily Time Management

  • 8 hours for Rest & Sleep,
  • 8 hours for work and productivity
  • 8 hours for leisure and creativity

Integrating the Body/Mind/Spirit of the Primate, Human and Divine

The three biometrics: BMI, BCG, COM

  • Anatomy: BMI: Body Mass Index: (Wt/HtxHt) :
  1. Normal: BMI range: 19-25
  2. Over weight>30 Brain, CVS,RS, Endocrine and Mobility
  3. Obese>30 Brain, CVS, Lung, Endocrines, Brain, Mobility
  • Physiology: Functionality: DEMMM/Digestion, Elimination, Memory, Mobility &Mood,
  • Memory: Orientation in Time, Space and Person
  • Mobility: BCG/Balance, Coordination & Gait,
  • Mood: Cognition, Anxiety, Depression
  • Mind: CEM: Cognition, Orientation, Mood

Cognition: Judgment, Memory, Emotion, Perception & Prioritization

Orientation & Coordination in time, space and person,

Mood: Normal, Anxiety, and Depression

  1. Nutrition: Balanced Diet: Quality and Quantity and Frequency
  • Quality: Balanced intake of Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, Fats

Colored Food on the Table: Rainbow: Green, Gold and Orange: GRG

  • Quantity: The size of your fists: fluid and solids: 2×225=450 ml 2 -3 hours
  • Homeostasis: Keep your body pH@7.35-7.40 by Drinking WATER
  1. Exercise: Biometric and Isometric Exercises improving Balance, Gait and Mobility
  2. Rest/Sleep: Eight hours of restful sleep

Objective Tools for measuring Performance

Evaluation: Design, Process and Outcome

Standards, Compliance and Satisfaction

Taking care of people is why you got into the business of health care.

Accreditation is an extension of that mission.

  • It communicates to your patients and their families that providing services in a way that exceeds quality and compliance standards means something to you.
  • When you work with Accreditation, you not only strengthen your commitment to the people you serve, but also grow your business, offer outstanding quality, and forge a partnership with people who really care about home and community-based health care.
  • Accreditation gives our provider partners benefits that are unparalleled in the industry.

Improved Business Performance

  • Compliance standards lead to two things: 1) better quality care, and 2) better business processes.
  • Since compliance standards are relevant to home and community-based care, practical, straightforward and tailored to our customers’ specific business model, you can use them as part of your business plan.
  • Are you a new or developing organization? or one that has some experience?

Our standards can be your foundation.

  • Already an established organization? Compliance standards can help you think through operational challenges that mature organizations face.
  • Whether your company is large or small, new or established, our process and standards will help your business to continually improve.

Standards Beyond State and Federal Regulations

Compliance to Professional, State, and Federal Regulations

Solving WAF with ICE via CAT

  1. The challenge: WAF: Waste, Abuse and Fraud
  2. The Solution: ICE: Integrity, Compliance and Excellence
  3. The Strategy: CAT: Complete, Accurate and Timely documentation with signatures

ICE/Integrity, Compliance and Excellence

  • You need to meet state and federal regulations to be able to operate. But, we know that your standards exceed “meeting” requirements: You want to be the best.
  • We want you to be the best as well. When you provide the best care, patients and families will choose you.
  • Our standards go above and beyond the minimum guidelines so that you can lead the provision of care in your community, not simply participate in it.
  • Your customers have high standards, too: Our seal of approval demonstrates your commitment to quality.

Exploring the Accreditation Industry

The three best Accreditation Agencies


  1. ACHC: Residential Facilities
  2. CHAP: Community based organizations
  3. TJC : MD run institutions such as hospitals

Why Accreditation

  1. Accreditation that s Recognized by Payers for Value for money
  1. In the home and community-based health care industry, Accreditation reputation is second to none.
  1. Insurance companies and payers know that accreditation seal of approval means that your company performs far above minimum regulatory requirements.
  1. They are assured of the quality of your services, and feel confident in what you provide. They know you’ve taken the necessary steps to keep patients safe and well cared for.
  1. Recognition from payers keeps your billing and reimbursement processes clear and uncomplicated.
  1. This means predictable cash flow, less time spent on claims denials and more customers choosing your organization, since they know their insurance will cover your services.

A Partner Dedicated to Education

  1. Our accreditation process is educational — not punitive. We are dedicated to helping you learn so you can provide better care, grow your business and prepare for the future.
  1. We provide research-informed tools and information to help you understand far more than just our Standards of Excellence and how to integrate them; we’ll help you keep a focus on what’s next in health care.

An Option for CMS “Deemed” Status

  1. ACHS/CHAP/TJC have “deeming” authority granted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to determine whether you meet their quality standards and the Medicare Conditions of Participation. If you are a home health, hospice or a home medical equipment provider, you can opt to seek deemed status under CMS.
  1. Through deemed status, you can reduce the number of Site Visits from different agencies, since deemed status accreditation can replace state surveys — with one exception, Medicare does validate our findings with a small sample (3 to 6 percent) of “deemed” organizations each year. This means that CMS holds us to the same standards we hold you.

Online Tools and Live Help

  • Online tools — available throughout this website provide you with the resources you need. Our fact sheets, tutorials and webinars will help you be both informed and prepared.
  • Real people in real time. If you ever have questions or concerns, our customer service representatives are available to help you. We’re committed to getting you the information and support you need.

Preparation for the Future

  • The health care landscape is changing. We change right along with it, giving you flexibility and agility to navigate updates in rules, regulations and standards of care.
  • Our strategic partnerships and commitment to the latest research are some of our strongest assets. With them, we help you understand what’s happening and what’s to come.
  • While accreditation today represents a snapshot of quality at a specific place in time, we envision a revolutionized accreditation experience for the future — one where invisible, integrated assessment tools help our qualified experts measure the quality care you provide. We’re already hard at work extending the functionality of on line training/education developing standards for the future!

The Accreditation Marketplace

As an accredited agency, you get exclusive access to the Accreditation Marketplace — a “store” of sorts where you can order business cards, brochures, letterhead and more, all cobranded with the Accreditation logo or seal.

This helps you advertise your accreditation within your community and among potential customers.

Home/ Home Health

Home Health

  1. From skilled nursing services to occupational therapy, home health agencies provide invaluable care and support services to people in their homes.
  1. Whether as part of a public or private agency, providers specialize in skilled nursing services and other therapeutic/rehabilitative services in the home, including occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech language therapy, medical social work and home health aide care as well as nutrition counseling, wound care, palliative care and behavioral health care.
  2. Their goal is to help patients heal, recover after surgery or learn to manage a chronic illness.

Accreditation with ACHC/CHAP and TJC shares that goal.

As a partner in accreditation, we provide the tools and resources home health providers need to deliver the best patient care.

Who should apply for accreditation?

  • Any home health organization that provides care directly to patients. ACHC/CHAP/TJC provides home health accreditation for deemed (Medicare-certified) and non-deemed programs.
  • Licensing requirements for home health providers vary by state. If you’re unsure about licensing requirements in your state, check herebefore applying.

What are the costs?

  1. Costs for accreditation vary depending on the type of services you provide and the number of locations where you provide them.
  2. ACHC/CHAP/TJC accreditation for all services is valid for a three-year period. Costs are billed in four interest-free installments.

How do I apply for accreditation?

There are only seven steps for ACHC/CHAP/TJC accreditation, from the initial application to full accreditation. Get started now !

Where do I go for help?

If you need support as you fill out your application, check our frequently asked questions about the accreditation process or send us an email — we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.  Call 571.225.5736 or 703.993.8737 and ask for Dr B Jesus

Benefits of ACHC/CHAP& TJC  Accreditation

  1. Taking care of people is why you got into the business of health care. ACH
    C/CHAP/TJC accreditation is an extension of that mission. It communicates to your patients and their families that providing services in a way that exceeds quality and compliance standards means something to you.
  1. When you work with ACHC/CHAP/TJC, you not only strengthen your commitment to the people you serve, but also grow your business, offer outstanding quality, and forge a partnership with people who really care about home and community-based health care.

ACHC/CHAP/TJC accreditation gives our provider partners benefits that are unparalleled in the industry.

  • Improved Business Performance
  • Standards Beyond State and Federal Regulations
  • Accreditation That Is Recognized by Payers
  • A Partner Dedicated to Education
  • An Option for CMS “Deemed” Status
  • Online Tools and Live Help
  • Preparation for the Future
  • CHAP Marketplace

Find out what questions our customers have asked as they start on the path to accreditation.

Contact us at:

571.225.5736 or 703.933.8737

Ask for Dr B Jesus

Notes and Recommendations

Benefits of Global Connect Accreditation Consultants

  1. Support and Guidance in the Accreditation and Certification Plan
  2. Guidance in registration, certification
  3. Support in Pre-Survey Planning and Planned Mock Survey Audits
  4. Support in Post Survey Plan of Correction Development
  5. Support in Post Survey In-service training and Priority Focus Area development
  6. Support in Post Survey change in the culture of the organization
  7. Lead on Corporate Compliance, Article of Incorporation, Bylaws, Certification, Governing Board and PAC recruitment and orientation
  8. Lead in Monthly SMT Meetings and Minutes
  9. Lead in MIS and Staff Recruitment and Retention and Evaluation
  • Lead in overall Organizational Health and Performance

Global Connect Enterprises, Inc.

Belai Habte-Jesus,MD, MPH, FRSPH

803.933.8737, 571.225.5736

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