A novel idea for Alternative Governance based on GPS and Proportional Representation!

A novel approach to modern governance across the world


Belai Habte-Jesus , MD, MPH, FRSPH

Alternative consensus governance- GPS: an Idea whose time has come!

The time has come for a new patriotic Good governance revolution on

GPS/Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable Development towards proportional representation of greater than fifty percent (>51%) females and greater than seventy percent ( >70) youth representation at executive, judiciary and legislative branches of Governance across the world that is driven by 3As and3Es: Accessible, Affordable, and Accountable Governance that is Efficient, Effective and Equitable to all stakeholders and provided in an atmosphere of Freedom of Choice.

GPS/Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity& Sustainable Security! –

An Idea whose time has come!

This is a novel idea and an alternative to the current series of terrorist

Revolutions of the past 3,000 years- posing as oligarchies, dicatatorships and even democracies in the east -one Party dictatorship and the West-Multi-Party driven oppressive system of the majority, and xenophobic dictatorships in the Southern hemispheres! The current millennial generations across the world will not tolerate this evil system any more and are likely to generate a series of revolutions and terror, which the elderly geriatric generation cannot tolerate or survive. The solution is to consider a novel alternative of proportional and representative democracy with term limits.

Challenge & observation:

Dictatorship by few Geriatric goons across the world is causing a series of continuous dissatisfactions and terror across the world thatCannot be ignored by current leadership around the globe!

The solution: proportional representation, towards leadership @>51%Female & >70% Youth in all executive, judiciary & legislative branchesof governance!

The strategy: Root Cause Analysis: Geriatric males terrorizing the World via ideological, social, economic and military tools of

Oppression is the root cause of global youth dissatisfaction!

  1. Cause: Many of the present day eastern and western lenient nation embark on democratic elections that always end up in one group wining

and the other loosing! This is a recipe for disaster and the current series of terrorist youths around the world is the direct result of such system for far too long.

  1. Impact: This winner takes it all approach to governance is a Painful and eager partisan system that crease a lot of disruption anddiscontent in individual and public creating a serous economic and social disruption for a lot ng time!
  1. The alternative: consensus based Good governance towards Proportional representation & empowerment of 51% females & 70^ Yoth.is about transparency & accountability to all stakeholders’ interestsand perspectives.
  1. The solution. Win- wins approach to all. The current single partyMonopoly of the East and multi- party based corrupt competiti =ve Governance needs to be replaced by consensus and proportional Representative governance!
  1. The opportunity: By consensus, we mean that takes into

Consideration and makes best option or win- win or compromise options On all decision making process!

  1. The strategy: Eliminate threat, reduce Risk & Convert challenges Into opportunities! The challenge is disparity with geriatric men, Youths and women! The opportunity is proportional representation of Youth and women in global leadership!

The solution and the means is GPS governance!

By proportional representative governance, we mean the choiceDecisions or elections should be made by majority vote and not party Leadership or votes that are organized by rich campaign contributors as in the east and west respectively or by ideological dictatorship of few party leadership at the top of a single party system as in the East or theocracies around the Arab world or ethnic goons that Benefits only geriatric men around the world at the expense of the

The global demography is a Majority youth and females!

The current status quo that disenfranchises the majority, creating huge

unsustainable disparities are not sustainable! The millennial generation across the World does not have patience nor the desire to entertain this perpetual unjust system that does not allow or give them access to productivity and prosperity!

  1. The option appraisal:

The concept of opposition parties and ideas of win-loose governance should be replaced by a consensus leadership where we vote for ideas and alternatives and not parties be it monopoly or multi- Party! at Least we should have three options: best option, win-win option and compromise options.

  1. All people belong to the same competitive governance pool! All People belong to the same one national election system with out Parties but with representatives of people with divergent ideas and Ability to organize themselves around ideas in three formats- those Leaning to the left, right or middle, i.e. Social justice, capital andGrowth and equitable ones that match growth with socio/economic Diversity, etc.

Ideas, innovation and productivity driven competition should be theReason and candidates for election with one and two term limits at Individual & group level respectively!

  1. ICP/ Ideas, creativity & productivity compete where the majorityFemales and youth benefit! As such the competitive alternatives can Only be organized into three main groups where the majority wins regardless of who governs!

This means the competitors organize into one of the following three potential ideas or solution based election choices and options ?

Elections for options and choices! Not for status quo!

  1. Left : social & Justice Centered choices/Parties
  2. Right: capital & growth Centered choices/parties
  3. Middle: equitable social and capital growth Centered choice parties

The three alternative ideas and options create opportunities while the old terms of parties create partisanship, disparity and eventual terror!! We prefer the term choices, options or alternatives!

  1. Term limits:

Regardless of how popular and successful is a leader or his alternative ideas and team is, we should have one term limit for the leadership and two term limits for one of the three parties/alternatives or options to ensure the ever increasing disparity that exists with monopolistic governance that stays in power for more than two terms!

The alternative consensus governance is a unique system of governance that promotes good governance, Progressive Prosperity & sustainable Security over time for all members of any one society!

The consensus governance can create a new opportunity to global peaceand security as the financial, military or theocracy based geriatric led governance has all created serous disparities between men and women,youths and geriatrics, boa the military or financial or religious Oligarchies that have created a serous off disparities with potentialfor a perpetual conflict and terror for a long time to come!

The current youth discontent, police brutality and global youth momentfor change is the shadow of perpetual unrest and terror that will beunleashed by the future millennial generation that has no future orpotential in the geriatric dominated cruel world!

The youth have time and technology on their side and will win in theend any way! The question is can the rest of us show maturity and share our resources to explore their talents! Regardless of ones success, be it with consensus leadershipOr competitive elections we need to agree on the principle of term limits both for the leadership group and ideas alternatives/groups!

No one leadership team should lead for more than one term and no one party or alternative more than two terms ! Imagine trusting the real Stakeholders of the future – our youth and our mothers, sisters and Daughters!

Rotating the leadership and ideas based alternatives/parties will Correct the challenges of interest groups and conflict of interest that naturally evolved from long-term leadership and term of office!Competitive and alternative ideas supported with term limits promote GPS.

Belai Habte-jesus, MD. MPH

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Never again! means creative proportional representative governance where >70% youths and >51% Women are empowered for leadership Now.