One thought on “Understanding Global natural and manmade Extreme weather and violence

  1. Understanding and Managing Natural and Man Made Radical Changes around the Globe
    Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
    Saturday, 21 February 2015

    Managing the Challenges of Radical Change in Time, Space and Person

    Humans are known to turnover about 4.5 billions cells per day, in effect making new cells to replace the old self on a continuous basis. The real challenge and opportunity is to change the old ones with better cells by taking balanced organic diet that is notorious to all our cells. Comparatively we need to consume balanced information that addresses our emotional, spiritual and physical and divine existence. Change is constant, at times radical and our perception of change needs to match the pace of change.

    The analogy of comparing our microcellular changes to our macro life changes in our daily lives is that active understanding that change is taking place in our space, time and person at a regular pace. We need to manage changes in our lives and ecosystem with better and balanced information that covers all aspect of our lives, that is the good, bad and ugly, as well as the Divine events of serving others in diversity, that is our bio-diversity, socio-economic and ecological diversity. Seeking balance to our integrity is far more critical now than at any time in history.

    As such, we need to appreciate that change is a constant factor in our lives. However, our appreciation of these changes has improved over time due to the ever-improving technological tools, the challenge is balanced appreciation and not allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed by extreme, radical and threatening news cycles. The editors of the newsroom need to balance good with bad news, risks with opportunities. Overall Change in time, space and person happens on a gradual and consistent basis, and our ability to appreciate the change is also improving over time with the ever-changing technological tools that are being made available to us from day to day.

    By comparison, our desire to seek a balanced and cohesive life is being challenged by extreme and rather marginal life events be it natural or man made disasters that are being selectively thrown at us with all the digital gadgets that are available in our person, home, office and the community.

    As our sensitivity and ability to appreciate change around us improves, what was a gradual and perceptible change is being replaced by rapid, shocking and at times violent and extreme change. Our ability to scan the global events within a minute or instantaneously via easily available digital tools is also making the information available to all us almost at the same time.

    This instant access to commutation of these rather disturbing information that is taking place around the world is becoming overwhelming to our individual and collective lives. The current media is slanted towards reporting mainly unusual and at times sensational news that overwhelms our emotional, psychological and physical being and overall consciousness. There is a strong yearning for balance in our lives.

    We need to balance our normal lives that are being challenged by the abnormal events around us by intentionally surrounding ourselves with balanced life events, the good, bad, ugly and Divine living by serving others in Diversity. The current seasonal variations towards colder, darker and harsh climate are generating rather colder, darker and harsher response. Instead of creating a worm, shinny and comfortable solutions, we are forced to respond in kind to the weather. Instead of supporting each other we are forced to fight each other. This is creating untenable environment to our shared common existence. Words like terrorisms, radicalism, and violent extremism are becoming common household and social words. We need to act against this crisis of our civility and common shared Divinity

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