Divine Living in Diversity for 2015

Dear Divine Living Community in Diversity:

Greetings and my best wishes for a blessed season of reflection on Divine Living in Diversity as we are prepared to experience another new year in 2015. New resolutions and Strategies for the future!

Re: Promoting the Positive culture of GPS and (IT)3 to experience Divine Living in Diversity; Changing our Paradigm of self and others towards our shared prosperous divinity!

Our Value & Vision. Living to serve others in Diversity is the basis of our divinity. We at Multiversal Divine Living in Diversity believe and live for serving others in Diversity, that is bio-diversity, socio-economic diversity and ecological diversity We promote the culture of GPS=Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity, Sustainable Security towards ensuring Divine Living in Diversity. It is our shared Divinity in Diversity and in prosperity that is at stake! We are part of multiple universes of about 14.6 billion years with billions of galaxies and stars and everlasting possibilities.

A. Our Divine Living in Diversity demands that we change our “ paradigm of us versus them” towards our Shared Common Divine Living in Diversity and prsoperity! Any pain or pleasure anywhere in the world or multiverse is a shared experience. It hurts when others suffer and it is uplifting when others experience pleasure and happiness. We do not get happy by our selves, nor get depressed or feel sad by ourselves. We are part of the Great Multiverse Divine Community that lives perpetually for ever in different forms of energy. E=MCC. As such to ensure out Divinity in Diversity, we need o generate and experience, “Positive Divine energy in Diversity “ all the time! As such, our shared challenge and opportunity is to promote “GPS 4 GPS “ that is Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable Security for Goods, Products and Services to serve all Seven (7) Billion people and the Multiverse at large.
1. By Good Governance, GG=SAT, we mean Public and Private Stakeholders Accountability and Transparency to public and private enterprises towards producing GPS, that is Goods, Product and Services to serve others.
2. By Progressive Prosperity we mean, PP=(IT) 3= Innovation, Integrity, Investment, Talent, Technology and Transparent Trade for all. Both our capitalist and communist fringes of perspectives led by corporations and parties, need to appreciate that sharing GPS 4 GPS via (IT)3 with all – that is 3As+3Es= Affordable, Accessible and Accountable GPS towards 3Es, Effective, Efficient ad Equitable GPs to all is the only assurance of our Divinity in Diversity!
3. By Sustainable Security, we mean, SS=PEI, that is, we continuously promote the culture of “Prevention and Early Intervention” that is based on the principle of ET,RR, and CCO, that is Eliminating Threat, Reducing Risk and Converting Challenges into opportunities. Multiversal Divinity in Diversity, MDV= L4O . Living for others, in BD/ Biodiversity, SED,/Socioeconomic diversity and ED/Ecological Diversity.
4. By Diversity we mean appreciating our Nano, micro and macro differences in space, time and person or object for our collective integrated divine, which is God like, holy living in diversity. Remember, the Divine is in the Diversity of all!
5. By Divinity we mean Godliness, Holiness is wholeness and appreciating the beauty of divinity in diversity. This is achieved by two characteristics that are respecting reality and our respective diverse interests. Wholeness or holiness generates good spirit, good will and positive energy, that is E=MCC, where Energy is equal to mass times the velocity of light. In effect, good energy or positive energy comes from mass and the velocity of light squared.
6. By Positive Energy, we mean useful and healthy energy like the natural solar energy where the sun or solar energy in the form of electricity is the source of light, the light energy that transforms our lives be it the plants who make chlorophyll, (photosynthesis) or our brain, the seat of our feeling, emotion, immune system, memory and happiness!

B. Lack of Positive Synergy/Energy that is when we are deprived of light energy in any form, then the reservoir of resources such as mineral, plant food -the source of all energy for living things that is photosynthesis does not take place. The artificial or man generated light energy or electricity we generate from solar, wind and hydrothermal energy provides energy for living in our modern lives, be it in the kitchen, living room or our studies or bed room not to forget our streets and communities.
1. By GPS, we mean Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable Security is dependent on our good will that is generated by positive energy that is E=MCC at our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. All the Anti-GPS forces, such as fear, anxiety, depression and conflict and violence stem from a state of lack of Positive Energy, that is E=MCC, and these forces increase their negative energy activity that is not holy or out right evil when there is no GPS, that is no sun light, or natural or man made electricity during the winter months for the North and South hemispheres and at night for the tropical communities.
2. Serving others in Diversity is Divinity in Diversity. We mean Divinity is about ensuring serving others in Diversity with Positive or Divine Energy that is E=MCC, being available to all 7 Billion populations at all times, night or day, or at any season. So, the evil forces that are not Divine stem from lack of Divine Energy that is E=MCC, at multiversal level, at biodiversity and socioeconomic diversity and ecological diversity level.
3. Lack of Diversity promotes evil. Imagine if the whole world looked like us, me and you only. Imagine the plants, the animals, the mountains, the Rivers and the Air, all looked like you and me alone! It will be a sad, miserable universe. We need diversity to sustain our Divinity that is positive wholesome, holy, Good Energy that is supported with GPS in our daily lives.
C. Avoiding The Negative Ignorance Trap by eliminating threat, reducing risks and converting challenges into opportunities. We need to get out of the negative energy trap built by evil people pretending to be connected with the Divine, without E=MCC, or GPS. Blaming others for their evil and stupid way of lives does not make us Divine or intelligent. We need (IT)3= Innovation, Integrity, Investment in Talent, Technology and Transparent Trade to change Evil to Divine. We need to change our paradigm and our perceptions of self and others once for all. With respect to all Divine Living in Diversity Community perspective, I remain;
Yours sincerely
Wishing you a Happy Season of Divine Living in Diversity
Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPHwww.GlobalBelai4u.blogspot.com, http://www.GlobalBelaiJesis.com

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