The Benefits of the Aroma of Green Coffee Beans-The Chlorogenic Acid Factor

 Organic Diet and the benefit of Green Coffee Aroma
We at Universal and  Divinity in Diversity live for serving others in Diversity, that is bio-diversity, socio-economic diversity and ecological diversity
We promote life in all its totality, towards sustainable security and progressive prosperity for all.  
The rule of 8/24; We promote the approprpriate ruse of time, space and person for our successful expression of our divinity. As such our person, demands organic balanced diet/nutrition, restful sleep and interactive productivity and leisure towards serving our Divinity in Diversity.
The rule of Three: Person, Space and Time’
A. Person:  Rule of three 8/24: 8 hours of restful sleep, 8 hours of productive work and 8 hours of leisure and exercise to serve others in Diversity: bio+socio-economic+ecological diversity.
B. Space:  We need to keep our emotional, psychological, physical and ecological space safe, secure and productive.
C.  Time: We need to use our time efficiently such that we promote consistent and sustainable rest, productivity and leisure towards serving others in Diversity.
Our optimum health relative to our age, gender and bodytype type is critical to be maintained at all time.  The most critical factor is the nutrition we consume.  Organic diet that is balanced with all the natural ingredients of organic vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, fats and vegetables 
 Coffe has immune stimulant as well as mood enhancing effect, specially the aroma of the fried coffee.  Here are some additional  benefits of the chlorogenic acid that provides the divine aroma!
Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH,

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