Promoting our Divinity in Diversity for our shared sustainable security and progressive prosperity!

Promoting Good Governance, Integrity and Innovations- The Mission of the 500 Mandela- Washington Fellows! In the world of Disrespect to our Divinity in Diversity: The Afghanistan, Congo, Gaza, Jerusalem, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Mexico Border Man made and natural Crisis- The hate, bullets and Pathogens Industrial Complex

Dear Universal and Multiversal Divinity in Diversity Communities across the world and in Jerusalem!

Our Divinity is based on our ability to serve others in Diversity, that is biodiversity, socio-economic and ecological diversity!

Our shared sustainable security and progressive prosperity depends on our ability to serve others in Diversity. When we disrespect our Divinity in Diversity, we move from our human to primate existence. In effect behaving worse than animals.

My Abrahamic Covenant brothers and sisters –Jews, Christians and Muslims, as well as the Communist and Capitalist goons/geriatric males/ of East and West, need to appreciate our shared sustainable security and progressive prosperity depends on our ability to live and serve others in Diversity- the source of our perpetual eternal Divinity!

The magic word is respect to all creation- living and non-living; plants, animals and humans, etc. All living and non-living things are interchangeable at microcellular and macro-ecology level in time, space and person/animal, plant and chemicals.

The secret of our Divinity is trust that is built on consistent respect to each other and the ecology around us. Trust takes time and mistrust can happen with one catastrophic error in judgment, that is disrespect to our shared Divinity in Diversity, that is serving others in diversity, at biodiversity, socio-economic, multicultural and ecological diversity.

The current series of Mistrust and causing emotional, psychological and physical harm to any one by the Geriatric male goons of religious fanatics, drug and military industrial complex is not divine! We need to retire all these UN accountable series of geriatric males who are consuming our children women and our future.

We need to respect each other by telling and acting on facts and the truth! Creating mythical, false culture of deception and counter-deception will create mistrust, fear and eventual degeneration to animal and inanimate objects. Once we start looking at each other as targets for our industrial military and Drug Complex profit margin, then the degenerating of our societies into poverty and degradation will not stop!

Children do not choose their parents, the country and community of birth, nor the language and culture of their communities. We, the adults impose on them due to our own insecurities or perceived misrepresentation of civilization and assumed self-preservation strategies. In the construct of our Divinity in Diversity, cultural diversity becomes an asset not a liability, it becomes a point of discussion and not disruption!

Imagine the children being terrorized by the ignorance and cruelty of adults! We cannot afford another new Cold War of Bretton Institutes and the BRICS Vs Allied Institution at the cost of the Global majority, Divine Youths and Feminine!

The time has come to appreciate that the global youth and our Divine Feminine populations who continue to be the main targets of the current series of violence and disruption of life, deserve respect and security towards sustainable security and prosperity! The old geriatric male who perpetuate ignorance, hate and destruction of life and civilization, need to retire and give a chance to the youth and Divine Females who make up 75% of the global population to lead us all across the globe.

Surprisingly, we do not see the Geriatric men who own the biochemical warfare, Drug and Military Industrial complex or their partners in crime who command the pulpits of hate and disinformation across all Abrahamic Covenant faiths who perpetuate the crusades and the Jihad as well as the retro-holocaust dying in any one of these conflicts. The damage is always on the majority children and Divine Feminine population, who are the future of our civilization.

We need to retire these Geriatric males/Goons (bio-chemical warfare, Drug and Military Industrial Complex) as well as the misguided religious prophets of doom, into nursing homes and retirement homes, and leave the day-to-day function of our shared security and prosperity in the hands of the Divine Feminine and Divine Youth, who want to live and let live.

The time has come to stand up with our Shared Divine Living in Diversity for sustainable security and progressive prosperity. All the wars and conflicts are generated by individuals and groups who do not respect our Divinity in Diversity coming in all forms of self hate and misguided perception of self and others to promote their profit margins in the Drug and Military Industrial Complex Business Enterprises, etc. Just imagine who is making a profit in all these hot spots around the world? Who is promoting Jihad, Crusades and retro-holocausts, not he majority Divine children and Divine Feminine!

We need a new movement of Divine Youths and Divine Feminine/mothers, sisters, daughters, etc. organized across the world towards our shared sustainable security and progressive prosperity! May the US-Africa Summit be a unique platform for this new Divine movement? I hope and trust the 500 Mandela- Washington Fellows will pay attention to this unique call of our times!

We do not want to see any more genocide/holocaust of our people under any pretext! Let us work towards our better Divine selves that is our Divinity in Diversity towards shared sustainable security and progressive prosperity for all! Yes, we can Make it!

With my prayers to all my Divine People in Diversity across the world and especially in those at-risk neighborhood across the globe!

With respect and seeking your alternative perspective, I remain

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Global Connect, Inc. & Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc

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