Universal Divinity Living in Diversity- 2014 Year of Divine Feminine

Universal Diving Living in Diversity for 2014

Declaring 2014 as the Year of the Universal Divine Feminine!

Universal Divine Life of Fitness. (Spiritual, Mind and Body Fitness)

Divinity in Diversity. Understanding that Our Universal Diving Living in Diversity demands that we are fit in our body, mind and spirit by living to serve others in Biodiversity, Socio-economic Diversity and Ecological Diversity. Efficient & Effective use o four eternal time and energy.

Divine Living in Diversity.  We encourage our Universal members of the Universal Divine Living in Diversity to use our eternal time and energy most efficiently and effectively to serve Divine others in Diversity, by having a restful sleep of 8 hours, productive work of 8 hours and creative leisure of 8 hours of serving other in Diversity.

The trinity of Faith, Food and Fitness. Our faith in the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Everlasting Universal God that blesses and judges all his universal creatures in the expanding universe of 96% (73% Dark Energy, 23% Dark Matter) and 4% (Hydrogen and Helium, ad 0.05 Galaxies that involves our Solar System) equally, demands that we keep faith in our Universal Divinity in Diversity, nurture ourselves with balanced organic and spectrum of light colored food, and keep our fitness in our Divine body, mind and spirits.

Respecting our body as the Temple of Universal God. We need to keep our BMI (Weight in Kg)/(Ht in M x Ht in M)=between 19-25, supported by isotonic and isometric exercise and balanced organic food of Rainbow spectrum- that is rich in minerals, essential substances such as antioxidants to be taken at frequent intervals of 2-3 hours with portion size equal to the volume of our two fists (solids and liquids) daily and drinking only organic natural water, avoiding all toxic and mind altering substances such as acids, alcohol, cannabis, cigarettes and toxic medications to ensure that sanctity, fitness and intelligence of our Divine being connected eternally to Universal God Divine SMART Strategies.

SMART Work Plan and Business Calendar.  We encourage our Divine Community to utilize a SMART Work Plan and SMART Business Calendar that is Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Time Sensitive with Quantitative and Qualitative Performance Evaluation Tools and regular Productivity Reports of 100% Measure of Success and compliance to our Goals.

 Acquiring our Genius in Divinity. The magic is to practice daily… Divine Living in Diversity… all the times, knowing that Divine Geniuses are made with 10,000 hours of practice or ten years of consistent and sustainable practice. Honoring the Universal Divine Feminine Year of 2014! We should not worry about time limitations, as we have Divine Eternity to Practice our Universal Genius Life! Happy 2014 Universal Divine Feminine Year where we honor and offer 51% of leadership positions to the Divine Feminine, that is our mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and nieces. Imagine the world where Women are Leaders as they used to be some 3,000 years ago before their leadership position was usurped. We need to re-instate the Divine Feminine in their rightful place of leadership and honor.

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Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH

Universal Divine Living in Diversity,

Global Strategic Enterprises Group