Global CoFFee Network Campaign to honor the universal Divine Feminine

Global CoFFee Network Campaign

Global Coalition of Fair and Free Economic Enterprises to promote Empowered Entrepreneurship  to promote Progressive Prosperity and eliminate Abject Poverty once and for all across  the Globe.

The Universal Divine Feminine Campaign for Divinity in Diversity.

Our human history from antiquity to present day indicate that the Universal Divinity in Diversity has been and continues to be due to the special role of the Universal Divine Feminine in our bio-diversity, social diversity and ecological diversity.

It is becoming evident day by day that those communities who honor and give special respected place for the Divine Feminine are blessed and their communities become whole, peaceful and prosperous in effect experiencing heaven on earth as it should be.

Honoring the Divine feminine is our only security for our shared sustainable security and prosperity. The Universal Divine Feminine is the only connection to our Divinity, which is living for others in Diversity.

The World and the Universe will be in a horrible situation without the daily blessing of the Universal Divine Feminine in Diversity who give us our only connection to divinity. To disrespect, dishonor or in any way show discrimination and disregard or terrorize the Universal Divine Feminine is a sure way to the development of global crisis in our biodiversity, socio-economic diversity ad ecological diversity that will deny us our divinity. It is in our common shared interest to give the respect, honor and favorable in our personal and community space, time and person of divinity.

Communities and societies that dishonor the Divine feminine do so at their own peril. Let us give the Divine space our Divine Feminine that is our mothers, sisters, daughters and partners deserve. May the Universal Divine God/Divine Feminine protect us all from such blasphemy and dishonor the very essence of our shared divinity.

The African, Asian and Columbian Divine Feminine and the Indian Divine Feminine as well as the Gloval Divine Feminine  deserve better and all humanity should support the Divine Feminine Movement  Across the Globe.

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH

Universal Diving Living in Diversity

Universal Divine Touch Ministries to honor the Universal Divine Feminine,

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