Dear Global Citizens, Friends of African and Ethiopians around the world.

This is to wish you a happy season of festivities: Kwanza, Christmas and the New Year of 2014 Greetings and Best wishes for 2014

As we review the past (2013), understand the present (Transition to 2014) and charter a better future for 2014, we wish you all Universal Divine Living in Diversity.

The Year 2013 has brought to us a series of manmade and natural tragedies, disasters and challenges where many have lost their lives, homes, communities and livelihoods.

Many of these challenges were preventable with best use of the available technologies and other resources. As usual, we have failed each other at different levels of competency by not preventing the man made and natural disasters we allowed to prevail in 2013.

The disparity among and between the one percent and ninety percent global population has reached staggering level of obscenity across that needs to change.

The world has enough resources and opportunities to give every global citizen his or her rightful place in time, place and person on this beautiful earth.

At the end of the day, our Divine being, that is body, mind and spirit can be blessed when we live for others in diversity.

Divinity is part of the universal diversity where 94% of the universe is Dark Matter (23%) and Dark Energy (73%) and less than 4% is Hydrogen and Helium (where Stars make up (0.5%, Neutrinos (0.3% and Heavy Elements (0.03%) You can imagine, our star and planet are part of this 0.5% of Stars, the rest of the universe is Dark Energy and Dark Matter, and we know relatively little about it.

We believe we can be part of the Greater Universal Blessing in Diversity, if we try to live and serve others in Diversity that is the majority of the universe.

Our challenge continues to be limiting the Universal God in our limited primate perspective that is me, my family, my clan and loosing out in the Greater Expanding Universal Diving Living. We trust to explore the real Universal Diving God in all of us that is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.

Just imagine the possibilities. May the Universal God bless us all in our Universal Divine Living for Others in Diversity (Bio-diversity, Social Diversity, Eco-Diverities etc.) with my blessings for a better future and seeking your creative genius and Divine Blessing in Diversity,

I remain Yours sincerely Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH,

Global Coalition of Fair and Free Economic Enterprises (CoFFee) Global CoFFee Network Campaign for Converting Modern Day Slavery to Empowered Entrepreneurship 01 December 2013

Name: Address:

Dear Sir:/Madam

Re: Challenging Modern Slavery With Empowering Enterprises by promoting youth and women Entrepreneurship for self-sustaining employment opportunities, enterprises, sustainable development and investment opportunities.

Converting challenges into opportunities. We members of the Global CoFFee Network Campaign for converting modern day slavery to entrepreneurship for sustainable development and investment opportunities, are writing to request your support to our campaign to convert modern day slavery of global migrant workers by creating a “Resettlement and Entrepreneurship Fund” to facilitate Small Business Enterprises in their respective communities.

Victims of global economic terror. The Global Economic Crisis and resultant depression of employment opportunities in many parts of the world, is creating a new wave of highly vulnerable migrants seeking gainful employment and survival opportunities across the world in highly dangerous, at times life threatening situations.

The violent Saudi state terrorism and murder of vulnerable Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia, and the death of many Ethio-Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea is a case in point.

The resultant economic uncertainty has also generated a series of xenophobic right wing extremist political zealots/terrorists ready to terrorize these vulnerable populations across Americas, Europe, Asia and the Arab world. Challenging civil unrest and terror.

This wave of migration is creating a series of challenges to the host countries and the immigrant communities that have resulted in modern day slavery type of human right abuses, torture and civil unrest.

The recent experience of migrant workers in the Arabian and European Countries is a cause of serious civil unrest, abuse and terror and the loss of many lives in highly dangerous situations with a potential for a series of perpetual human rights abuse, new wave of conflict and perpetual global terror.

Converting modern slavery into empowered entrepreneurship. A group of us have considered this serious modern day tragedy and have put together a Seven Point Strategy to Eliminate the threat of illegal migration, reduce the risk of social unrest and convert the challenges of modern day slavery into opportunities of entrepreneurship for sustainable development and investment opportunities.

Seven point strategies.

Please find attached the Seven Point Strategies for Converting Global Modern Day Slavery to Entrepreneurship that promotes sustainable development and investment opportunities for your consideration.

Kindly review and share it with your colleagues and sign below to support our campaign. Remember: It is Divine to change the lives of these vulnerable noble people towards empowered entrepreneurship! Thank you for your assistance and support for this mater,

We remain: Name: Address: Signature Global CoFFee Network Campaign to convert Modern Slavery into Empowered Entrepreneurship 01 December 2013

Seven Point Strategy to Convert Modern Day Slavery to Empowered Entrepreneurship The Global CoFFee Network Campaign to Empower Vulnerable Global Migrant Populations

Our Goal: Challenging Modern Slavery with Empowering Enterprises- Promoting Youth and women Empowerment focused Entrepreneurship Re: A strategic solution- Entrepreneurial Global SBE Network (Small Business Enterprises)

I. The Challenge: Changing the paradigm of migrant workers from Africa and Asia to entrepreneurs • Global Economic Crisis has generated an increasing number of African and Asian Emigrants perishing in the Mediterranean Europe, Arabian Gulf Terror Network, especially in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar and United Arab Immigrants and South Africa, etc.

Asset: Risk taking population that can benefit from CORT Options II. The Context: Lack of Employment, competency and Socio-Economic opportunities in their respective countries. (Our Principle: Eliminating Threat, Reducing Risks and converting challenges into opportunities)

1. Modern Slavery-increasing number of Africans and Asians being deported from Saudi Arabia and nearby Arabia countries and the Mediterranean region in a highly inhumane and terrorist pattern- (the case of Ethiopian immigrants torture and terror in Saudi Arabia and nearby Arabian and Mediterranean countries.

2. Empowered entrepreneurs. Converting modern day slaves into empowered entrepreneurs wherever they live.

III. The Opportunity: Develop the culture of opportunity, dignity, productivity, self -help and small business enterprises

1. Provide strategic opportunities in addressing the perpetual problems of lack of employment with Small Business Enterprises, supported and managed by the best global institutions such as World Bank, IMF, bilateral and multi-lateral development enterprises. Convert Challenges into opportunities.

Avoid the fiasco of un accountable Endowment Fund Crisis and the Lords of Poverty Experience of rent seeking NGOs, and parasitic state based organizations who are selling these vulnerable people for profit in the first place.

2. Avoid the Middle- men. Rent seekers, slaveholders, illegal merchants, lords of poverty, state operated mafias, speculators etc., who created this crisis in the first place. Use direct mobile banking and technologies.

IV. The Solution: Immediate, short and long-term Empowered entrepreneurial solutions. Convert challenges into opportunities

1. Create a Global Development and Enterprises Fund managed and supported by the best talent in the business from local and international partners that are accessible, transparent, and accountable to local stakeholders.

2. The Resettlement and Enterprise Fund should be geared towards job creation and resettlement of internal and externally displaced immigrant workers with a focus on youths and women the main victims of this tragedy.

V. The Strategy: Empowered Entrepreneurial Immediate, short and long-term strategies. Eliminate Threat, Reduce Risk, and Convert challenges into opportunities by empowering youths and women, the hope of the future.

1. Change the culture of hopelessness into opportunity (excellence and success) by changing the Kaffala/Talent Sponsorship Program of Arabian and European Countries respectively.

2. CAT Communication. Complete, Accurate and Timely Communication via ICT and Multi-Media Network to galvanize support and investment in the most vulnerable populations in the immediate, short and long-term with appropriate business plan, budget, and operation and performance evaluation protocol.

VI. Entrepreneurial fund: Resource Generation, Banking, Credit line, training/education and small business enterprises

1. Diaspora involvement. Use Diaspora networks to initiate the start up funds and seek to get matching funds from local governments, private and public enterprises and international partners.

2. Banking and credit line. Use the international and local banks for managing the funds with appropriate mobile banking system that is reported via competent social media network.

3. Matching funds. Ensure that the local government matches funds and resources generated from Diaspora, international sources. Ensure that the current slaving countries contribute to this fund.

4. Credit line and payment mechanism. Make a Credit line for migrant workers with the help of local banks to develop small business enterprises that are monitored carefully and to be paid over time.

5. Avoid middle men/institutions. Avoid the culture of dependency and corruption by running the whole project like a business enterprises with budget, productivity reports and performance evaluation.

6. Direct and proactive involvement. Regularize the migrant workers with the local economy by ensuring productivity, business interaction with local public and private enterprises.

7. Productivity Report. Ensure a calendar based productivity report at weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual interval. VII. Model Entrepreneurs. Replicate the success story of the entrepreneurs across the cultural and national boundaries with improvements to ensure such modern day slavery will never take place again. Follow up Seven Point Smart Action Plan

1. Develop Global Entrepreneurial Network that provide guidance, support and expertise to these funds

2. Follow Good Business Practice of Performance Evaluation at Design, Operation and Outcome level.

3. Develop organizational structure that is led by a Board of Governance, Professional/Quality Improvement Advisory Board

4. Develop a Senior Management Team that regularly monitors performance at daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly interval.

5. Develop a Calendar based Business Plan with budget, operational plan and performance evaluation and regular reporting activities

6. Publish results at regular interval to public and private stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability.

7. Develop An Annual Organizational Evaluation Tool for accountable reporting and lessons learnt implementation

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