Universal Divine Living Series

Honoring ThanksGivvukah 2013- Universal Divine Living 101 Living the Divine Life of Universal God in our lives Dear Divine humans! Re: Our Divine Living is a day to day, second by second existence and living for others…. forever ! We are eternal beings and all of us have the opportunity and blessings to live divine forever! Today and every day is a time when we promote the culture of “Divine Living “appreciation of our unique role in the expanding universe, the diverse set of galaxies and most importantly our own Milk way and Solar System and Planet Earth. Planet earth and our globe is the only place in the universe that sustains our integrated body, mind and spirit, in effect our synergistic primate, human and divine existence. The Universal God that created this unique universe that is Omnipotent- all powerful, Omniscient-all knowing, and Omnipresent-present eternally, is blessing the universe with his eternal love, peace and sustenance. We as humans are very lucky to be part of this Divine blessing, which in effect is living for others and serving others. Our divinity is based on our constant connection with the Divine Universal God that propels us to live and do according to the unique purpose that is Divine Living. Each one of us (~7 billion) people alive is given a unique blessing from the Universal God to be Divine. We need to constantly adjust and change to our perpetually changing knowledge, attitude and practice based on the Divine revelation for each one of us to live divine life by blessing others. As we remember and honor Hannukkah today, we need to experience our Divine Living by living for others, serving others and sharing our Diving life with others. We bless Albert Einstein of E=MCC, who shared the revelation of the Universal God that all of the universe is nothing but Energy that is matter and its relations with speed of light. In effect, the universe is changing second by second with matter and light taking different forms and expressions. After some 50 years, another Genius Steve Jobs and Apple Enterprises was blessed with the skills of converting the different forms of matter and energy in a way that is integrated making the different forms of energy available in an integrated way with ICT, Social Media Networks so as to communicate and share our blessings with the rest of the universe in a meaningful way. We promote this Divine living via GPS, GRS, CAT for 3A+3E within CO & FoC. We at Divine Global Connect promote Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity, Sustainable Security, via Green Renaissance Strategies for Accessible, Affordable and Accountable Governance, for Efficient, Effective and Equitable GPS (Good, Products and Services) distribution or blessings to all. Let us live our Divine life by Serving Others and connecting with the Divine Universal God for ever! With love and my blessings Belai Habte-Jesus; MD, MPH Universal Divine Ministry Global Connect Inc. http://www.GlobalBelaiJesus.com

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