Happy 7506 Ethiopian New Year!

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Green Renaissance Strategies for Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable Security for All

Happy 7,506

We at Global Connect Inc would like to wish all humans, divine and primates, present and past and those of us who are evolving and developing at whatever stage of our lives, a blessed New 7506 Year on 11 September 2006/13, 7506.

Global Rotation around the Solary System

New Year is our record of the Earth’s Rotation Around the Sun. As you know the earth has been doing this much longer than 7506 or 2013. This is the time when the Primates came out of the African Eden and started to measure time and space. This says a lot about the Primates who developed into humans and Divine.

1705 or 14. 6 Billion Years?

The Scientists claim that the universe has been in existence for some 14.6 Billion years and it has taken man to change from primate to humans some 14.6 billion years.

All the same, it is our time when we recognize the beginning of a new cycle of health, revival and renaissance.

Ethiopia- the mother of humanity and Civilization

Ethiopia- the mother of humanity is surrounded by Green Renaissance Strategies to revive life and living in one of the oldest habitat of humans, primates and Divines where resources have been over utilized for Millennia and now the ever growing population is demanding more resources for its sustenance.

Promoting our Youth for productivity!

We live in a neighborhood of 75% youth with no skills, training and jobs or productivity, ready to be the next Silicon Valleys of the Horn or Jihadists Terrorist Networks of our close neighbors in Yemen who is terrorizing the most powerful nation on Earth.

The challenge is to create an environment of peace, security, creativity and productivity for our youths!

We need to protect them from Arab Terrorists and Human Traffickers! We need to make them productive in their own Silicon Valleys of Enterprises.

Strategy of 1to1, 2to3 and 3to4

We wish all our friends and parters all the best as we change thw world towards a better place for us.

Remember Our Strategy of 1 to 1, 2 to 3 and 3 to four, that is one Male for Female Opportuities, 2 youths for one senior and three women and youths for every opportunity.

We cannot survive by ignoring the majority (99%)

Chose to be Divine and Serve others, or Human and Respect others!
Our Divinity is based on our Service to others. Our humanity is based on our respect for each other, our Primacy depends on our willingness to promote the youth and most vulnerable. The time for Dialectical Materialism of robbing others via Revolutions is Gone, the time has come to invest and trade globally! The time has come to be Human and Divine is here. The time of Primate lives of material robbing is gone for ever! Let us be Divine and Serve our youths and Women and give them the opportunity to be our leaders! We can see the difference they will make in the next 7506 years to come!

with regards and wishing you a busy and productive 7506. Remember to Do the Right Thing in the Right Way and The Right Time-Always and you will always be Right, If in doubt, make a checklist of the Right Things to Do-Always! This is our Time to Do the Right Thing Now

I look forward to learn from your alternative perspective!

I remain

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Global Connect Inc.

Global Strategic Enterprises,Inc

Belai Habte-Jesus,MD,MPH
V1=571.225.5736; V2= 703.933.8737; Fx1=202.3188277
GlobalBjesus@gmail.com; GloblBelaiJesus@me.com

Global Strategic Enterprises,Inc

Belai Habte-Jesus,MD,MPH
V1=571.225.5736; V2= 703.933.8737; Fx1=202.3188277
GlobalBjesus@gmail.com; GloblBelaiJesus@me.com


Our Passion is to reach our individual and collective potential 4 Excellence & Success -Always!

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