About Promoting the Culture of Wellbeing

About Promoting the Culture of Wellbeing

Promoting a Culture of Wellness at individual and collective level in the Community

A Series of Wellness Communication ICT, SMN , Radio and internet broadcasts

at http://www.GlobalBelaiJesus.com, http://www.ethio-civility.com, and http://www.wust1120.com

I. Topics: Implementing the 3-777 Protocol of Wellness

Daily Habits of 3 hours of hygiene and cleanliness

A. 7 Hours of productive Work (Activity based work)

B. 7 Hours of Productive leisure (Creativity based leisure)

C. 7 Hours of restful sleep (rejuvenating sleep)

II. Eating 4 health- Balanced Diet with Rainbow Colors

Ensure at least three colors on your plate at each meal:

Quality: Balanced Diet with at least 3 of the Rainabow: Green, Gold and Red

Size: Solid and Liquid the size of your fists=225 ml x2=450 ml

Frequency: Every two – three hours

Water:  8 Glasses of water per day or more

III. Active motion for health

Isometric and Isotonic Exercise!  if in doubt walk and run and stretch often!

Remember our body is made to stand, squat, walk and sleep!

Our butt/Coccygeal Bone is not designed for sitting for hours!!!

Our Eyes are designed to see short and long distance and depth

Our eyes are not designed to stare at Computer and TV screens for hours!!

Our Back is designed to sustain standing, walking and sleeping and not long hours of sitting carrying too much weight

Desired Body Mass Index: Metric system: kg, m:

Weight/Height X Height: 19-25

British System: Weight in lb/Height in inches x Height in Inches x703=19-25

Creative productivity for health, wealth and wisdom


Goal, Progress, Achievement and Dream at 3 hours interval


Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH

Global Wellness 



73.933.8737; 571.225.5736

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