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Global Connect 4 Global Enterprises……

Global Connect Communications- GCC

  1. Our Purpose  is Promoting Our Universal+Multiversal Divinity in Diversity: By Serving others in bio+socio+economic+ecological Diversity to reach our shared security and prosperity.
  2. Our Mission is Promoting “Divinity in Diversity” towards our shared security and prosperity

http://www.GlobalBelai4u.blogspot.com, http://www.GlobalBelaiJesus.com

  1. Our Goal is to Sustain our Divinity via Divine connection- Connecting to our Universal/Multiversal primate, human and Divine existence for eternity!

Global Connect Communication/GCC

GCC is a Multimedia channel network broadcasting globally via ICT/Information Communication Technology  and SMN/Social Media Network on Good Governance, Progressive Prosperity and Sustainable security.

Our Value is to Promote Divinity in Diversity, that is serving others in biodiversity, socio-economic diversity and ecological diversity.

  • Our passion is to promote SICQUIE/safety, integrity, compliance, quality, innovation and excellence in all we do at all times.
  • We promote Prevention and Early Intervention in all we do for optimum functionality and pursuit of real happiness-Divinity in Diveristy!
  • Our strategy is to eliminate threat to integrity, reduce risk of non compliance to excellence and convert challenges into opportunities of sustainable development and investment opportunities towards collective security and shared prosperity for all.
  • We protect safety and integrity, prevent abuse, waste, injury and associated short and long-term disabilities and promote excellence and success via (IT)3= Innovation, Integrity, Investment, supported by Talent, Technology and Transparent Trade.

Our Seven (7) steps Strategic Option Solution Models are:

  1. Research Pyramid. We use Research Pyramid Tool based Root Cause analysis by asking what, who, when, where, why and how.
  2. PNDS interaction Model. We analyze the relationship of Price, Need, Demand & Supply Interactions of the market.
  3. CORT Analysis. We undertake CORT Analysis, that is Challenges, Opportunities, Risks and Threats- towards eliminating Threat, reducing Risk and converting Challenges into Opportunities.
  4. Time Option Appraisal. We promote Time Option Appraisals of 9 Potential Options where Best Option, Win-win Option and compromise Options are factored in time, at immediate, short and long-term basis.
  5. SMART Calendar based Work Plan. We operate with a SMART Work Plan that is Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Time Sensitive with productivity reports at daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly
  6. Quality Assurance Compliance Protocol. We utilize qualitative and quantitative tools for monitoring progress towards desired goals by using individual and focus group interviews, surveys and data based statistical productivity reports respectively.

  7. GPA based CAT Communication. We promote out Goal, Progress and Achievement oriented communication  via Complete, Accurate and Timely signed communication-Always!

We promote Global Green Renaissance Strategies.

Global Green Renaissance Strategies that are time sensitive renaissance activities supported with modern technologies that ecological sensitive activities that are responsive to to the changing Universal and Global manmade and natural Ecological Challenges.

We strive to offer CAT=Complete, Accurate and Timely Information/Communication for 3A+3E (Accessible, Affordable, Accountable) Governance 4 (3E=Efficient, Effective and Equitable) distribution of GPS (Goods, Products and Services) across the globe.

Global Connect Communications for Divine Communications1

Voice of the Patriots Communication  &  Hager- Fikr Radio Broadcast Services
Editorial Policy
Our Vision & Mission.
1.     Global Connect Communications is a multi-media platform for broadcasting global current affairs, that address the critical issues of natural and manmade stories as they unfold in the diverse set of our economic, social, health, ecological and modern technology enterprises.  
2.     We synergize science and wisdom to promote good governance, security and prosperity via global responsiveness, transparency and accountability towards sustainable development and investment opportunities for all.
Our values:
1.     Producing and broadcasting High Quality, Original and Challenging Output of the highest creativity, ethical and editorial standards that honors the trust of our audiences across the globe.
2.     Creating an interactive knowledge based dialogue, towards innovative,  productive and  sustainable development, and investment oriented future.
Our Audiences:
1.     Audiences: Our Global Audiences can access our broadcast via web, radio and telephone communications.
2.     (www.wust1120.com, AM1120, 703.712.432.6620, Saturdays: 14:00-15:00 hrs as well as at our websites continously, http://www.GlobalBelai4u.blogspot.com and http://www.GlobalBelaiJesus.com
       I.     Our Passion and focus.  Our global audiences are at the heart of everything we do.  We promote good governance, responsiveness, transparency and accountability based on respect, patriotism and good will to all our stakeholders.
     II.     Original and challenging output. We are committed to giving our audiences  high-quality, original and at times challenging output.  Creativity, timeliness and fair and balanced communication is the lifeblood of our organization.
   III.     High quality and standard content.  Equally, we must give our audiences content made to the highest editorial and ethical standards.
    IV.     Trust and respect.  Our passion is driven by patriotic desire to promote respect, trust, confidence and overall interest of our audience’s expectation.  We believe their trust depends on it.
      V.     Balancing freedom and responsibilities. We must therefore balance our presumption of freedom of expression with our responsibilities, such as to respect privacy, to be fair, to avoid unjustifiable offence and to offer appropriate protection for our audiences from harm.
    VI.     (Note: The Human Rights Act 1998 recognizes the right to freedom of expression, which includes the audience’s right to receive creative material, information and ideas without interference, subject to restrictions in law.  It also recognizes the right to private and family life and to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.)
  VII.     Upholding editorial values all the time.
We seek to uphold our Editorial Values in all we do.
They embody our freedoms and responsibilities and, like the Editorial Guidelines, apply to all our content, whether it is made by ourselves or by an independent company working for us, and whether it is made for radio, television, online, mobile devices, interactive services or the printed word. What follows are challenging requirements, but they are essential to everything we do.
2.Trust, Accuracy, Independence and Impartiality.
          I.     Trust is the foundation of all the work we do.
        II.     We are independent, impartial and honest.
      III.     We are committed to achieving the highest standards of due accuracy and impartiality and strive to avoid knowingly and materially misleading our audiences.
3. Truth and Accuracy
          I.     We seek to establish  the truth of what has happened and are  committed to achieving due accuracy in all our output.
        II.     Accuracy is not simply a matter of getting facts right; when necessary, we will weigh relevant facts and information to get at the truth.
      III.     Our output, as appropriate to its subject and nature, will be well sourced, based on sound evidence, thoroughly tested and presented in clear, precise language.
       IV.     We will strive to be honest and open about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation.
4. Fairness & Impartiality
          I.     Impartiality lies at the core of the GCC’s commitment to its audiences.  There is no partiality based on age, sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, political and cultural diversity.
        II.     We will apply due impartiality to all our subject matter and will reflect a breadth and diversity of opinion across our output as a whole, over an appropriate period, so that no significant strand of thought is knowingly un reflected or under-represented.  Current affairs, calendar drive our broadcast schedule.
      III.     We will be fair and open-minded when examining evidence and weighing material facts.
5.  Editorial Integrity and Independence
          I.     The GCC is independent of outside interests and arrangements that could undermine our editorial integrity.
        II.     Our audiences should be confident that our decisions are not influenced by outside interests, political or commercial pressures, or any personal interests.
6. No Harm and Offence
          I.     We aim to reflect the world as it is, including all aspects of the human experience and the realities of the natural world.
        II.     But we balance our right to broadcast innovative and challenging content with our responsibility to protect the vulnerable from harm and avoid unjustifiable offence.
      III.     We will be sensitive to, and keep in touch with, generally accepted standards as well as our audiences’ expectations of our content, particularly in relation to the protection of children.
7. Serving the Public Interest
       I.     We seek to report stories of significance to our audiences, as we believe passionately that the public has the right to know information and events unfolding around them.
     II.     We will be rigorous in establishing the truth of the story and well informed when explaining it.
   III.     Our specialist expertise will bring authority and analysis to the complex world in which we live.
    IV.     We will ask searching questions of those who hold public office and others who are accountable, and provide a comprehensive forum for public debate.
8. Fairness & Balance
          I.     Our output will be based on fairness, balance, openness, honesty, integrity and straight dealing.
        II.     Contributors and audiences will be treated with respect and dignity and their confidentiality is always protected unless authorized by them openly.
9.  Privacy and Confidentiality of sources
          I.     We will respect privacy and will not infringe it without good reason, wherever in the world we are operating.
        II.     Private behavior, information, correspondence and conversation will not be brought into the public domain unless there is a public interest that outweighs the expectation of privacy.
10. Children, Minors and Vulnerable communities.
          I.     We will always seek to safeguard the welfare of children and young people who contribute to and feature in our content, wherever in the world we operate.
        II.     We will preserve their right to speak out and participate, while ensuring their dignity and their physical and emotional welfare is protected during the making and broadcast of our output.
      III.     Content which might be unsuitable for children will be scheduled appropriately.
11.  Responsiveness & Transparency
          I.     We will be transparent about the nature and provenance of the content we offer online.
        II.     Where appropriate, we will identify who has created it and will use labeling to help online users make informed decisions about the suitability of content for themselves and their children.
12.  Accountability
          I.     We are accountable to our audiences and will deal fairly and openly with them.
        II.     Their continuing trust in the GCC is a crucial part of our relationship with them.
      III.     We will be open in acknowledging mistakes when they are made and encourage a culture of willingness to learn from them.
13.Editorial values
       I.     The GCC’s Editorial Values, and the Editorial Guidelines, are rooted in the Governing Board Charter and the Agreement.
     II.     The Governing Board Charter guarantees the editorial independence of the GCC and sets out its Public Purposes. These are defined as:
                  a.     Sustaining global citizenship and civil society with a focus on Ethiopia, AU, EU & USA and the larger Diaspora communities across the world.
                  b.     Promoting education and learning, investment and sustainable development
                   c.     Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence and business entrepreneurship
                  d.     Representing the Board, its executives and its membership around the world, nations, regions and communities
                  e.     Bringing the Audience to the world and the world to our audiences.
   III.     Advancing modern communication technologies.  We actively promote modern communication technologies and  its other purposes, helping to deliver to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services and, in addition, taking a leading role in the switchover to digital radio, internet and television broadcasts.
14. The charter specifies that we should do all we can “to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy and impartiality” in our news and other output dealing with matters of public policy or political or industrial controversy.
          I.     It also states that our output is forbidden from expressing the opinion of the GCC on current affairs or matters of public policy, other than broadcasting or the provision of online services.
        II.     The Accuracy, Impartiality and Politics, Public Policy and Polls sections of the Editorial Guidelines incorporate the GCC Trust’s code as required under the Agreement, giving guidance as to the rules to be observed in connection with the Agreement.
15. Advertisements and Sponsorship
In addition, the agreement forbids any GCC service funded by the license fee or grant-in-aid from carrying advertising or sponsored programs.  To protect editorial integrity and independence, the GCC has drawn up its own guidelines on standards for advertising and sponsorship for its commercial television and online services.
16. GCC is a US registered and Washington DC based organization and part of Global Connect Network and Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc, that promote sustainable development and creative investments across the globe.

9 thoughts on “About Global Connect Communications; www.GlobalBelai4u.blogspot.com, www.GlobalBelaiJesus.com”

  1. Promoting a Culture of Wellness in the Community

    A Series of Wellness Communication Radio and internet broadcasts
    at http://www.GlobalBelaiJesus.com, http://www.ethio-civility.com, and http://www.wust1120.com

    Topics: Implementing 3777 Protocol of Wellness

    Daily Habits of 3 hours of hygiene and cleanliness

    7 Hours of productive Work (Activity based work)

    7 Hours of Productive leisure (Creativity based leisure)

    7 Hours of restful sleep (rejuvenating sleep)

    Eating healthy

    Active motion for health

    Creative productivity for health, wealth and wisdom


    Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
    Global Wellness
    73.933.8737; 571.225.5736

      1. I am enjoying this website. It seems to me that it’s a wealth of information to assist those of us working at the crosssections of divinity and diversity.

  2. Your article GlobalBelaiJesus | Promoting GPS (Good Governance Progressive Prosperity Sustainable Security) in a Global Green Renaissance write very well, thank you share!

  3. We at Global Connect promote (IT)2= Innovations, Investments, Talent and Technologies across the globe, solar system and our expanding Universe!

    We believe our health (Mind, Body and Spirit) is the most important asset that needs to be protected, promoted and invested in here on earth and thereafter. What we do not follows us for eternity.

    We promote balanced and divine life that is living for others by serving others (the biological, social and ecological diversity of nature) who are Divine beings made in the image of the Universal Divine God.

    We promote Safety, Security and wellbeing via quality based excellence that is supported by accreditation, credentialing and continuous Quality Improvement protocol.

    We promote talent, ideas, technology and creativity for innovation in all things we do. We believe in connecting talent with GPS (Good, Product and Services) in a Divine and healthy environment that respects our dignity, wellbeing and future into eternity.

    Join our Global Connect Network for a Divine living and progressive prosperity here on earth and our divine life in perpetuity

    Come and share your dreams, vision, goals and aspirations with us and we will make it a reality.

    With regards

    Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
    Global Connect Inc.

    Healthcare Accreditation, Credentialing & Recruitment
    Global Connects promotes Safety, Quality and Excellence in health.
    We bring mobile health care to your residence and communities
    We work with health care organizations attain the highest quality and business standard.
    Global Connect promotes excellence
    1. Sustain Quality Standards. We promote quality by accreditation with the best accreditation systems like the Joint Commission, CHAPs and ACHC, etc.
    2. Credentialing with health insurance organization. We promote credentialing with public and private health insurance organizations
    3. Recruitment and Retention of health care professionals. We promote continuous recruitment and retention strategies of high quality health care professionals
    4. We promote compliance to local, state, federal and health professional standards by developing policy and procedures and operation manuals.
    5. We provide support in certification and accreditation and credentialing of health care professionals and organizations.
    For further information, contact us at: GlobalBJesus@gmail.com or 571.225.5736
    Global Connect Inc.
    C:571.225.5736 or v: 703.933.8737

  4. Blessing Nelson Mandela for Divine Eternal Life

    Good-bye to the Body and Welcome to the Spirit of Madeba, Tata, Nelson Mandela

    We at Global Connect are deeply saddened by the departure of Divine Madeba- Nelson Mandela but over joyed that his Divine work of serving others will continue forever.

    Mandela is one of the Greatest Sons of Africa, the Globe, the Solar System, the Milky Way and our expanding unique Universe!

    We will remember him second to second, minute to minute and day to day by replicating his Divine Life of serving others all the time be it in our own or imposed prisons or bestowed or achieved presidency of life. We will share and give opportunities to others by serving only one term and allowing the youth and women, the majority or the 99 per centers have their time and space on earth as well as the universe.

    Mandela’s work on racism and apartheid is over but the work of the vulnerable migrant workers or modern day slavery continues. Just as the native Americans gave refuge to discarded workers of Hudson Bay and Virginia Companies, by giving safety and livelihood to the migrant workers of Europe in America, as the Ethiopians gave refuge to the Jews after the fall of King Solomon’s kingdom and the Christians after the takeover of the church by the Romans and later, the prophet Mohammad family after the terror of his Saudi families, the present world needs to look after the current victims of Global Economic Terror that are being trafficked by ruthless merchants of slavery in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

    The life of Mandela can only matter if we follow his example and serve the most vulnerable amongst us, the poor, the children, youth, women and the elderly and especially those noble migrant workers who are taking high risk with their lives to feed their families.

    Our Divine calling is to change the current ruthless modern slavery to Empowered Entrepreneurship of women, youth and migrant workers across the world. We cannot be silent observers of the rude and greedy xenophobic emerging political system sacrificing their future.

    Please read the Global CoFFee Network Campaign and share it with all your public and private associates.

    May the body of Mandela Rest in Peace and may His Divine Spirit live for ever amongst us!

    With my prayers and best wishes to all.

    Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
    Global CoFFee Network Campaign
    Global Conect Inc.


    Global Coalition of Fair and Free Economic Enterprises (CoFFee)

    Global CoFFee Network Campaign for Converting Modern Day Slavery to Empowered

    01 December 2013

    Dear Sir:/Madam

    Re: Challenging Modern Slavery With Empowering Enterprises by promoting youth and women Entrepreneurship for self-sustaining employment opportunities, enterprises, sustainable development and investment opportunities.

    Converting challenges into opportunities. We members of the Global CoFFee Network Campaign for converting modern day slavery to entrepreneurship for sustainable development and investment opportunities, are writing to request your support to our campaign to convert modern day slavery of global migrant workers by creating a “Resettlement and Entrepreneurship Fund” to facilitate Small Business Enterprises in their respective communities.

    Protecting Victims of global economic terror. The Global Economic Crisis and resultant depression of employment opportunities in many parts of the world, is creating a new wave of highly vulnerable migrants seeking gainful employment and survival opportunities across the world in highly dangerous, at times life threatening situations. The violent Saudi state terrorism and murder of vulnerable Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia, and the death of many Ethio-Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea is a case in point. The resultant economic uncertainty has also generated a series of xenophobic right wing extremist political zealots/terrorists ready to terrorize these vulnerable populations across Americas, Europe, Asia and the Arab world.

    Challenging current and future civil unrest and terror. This wave of migration is creating a series of challenges to the host countries and the immigrant communities that have resulted in modern day slavery type of human right abuses, torture and civil unrest. The recent experience of migrant workers in the Arabian and European Countries is a cause of serious civil unrest, abuse and terror and the loss of many lives in highly dangerous situations with a potential for a series of perpetual human rights abuse, new wave of conflict and perpetual global terror.

    Converting modern slavery into empowered entrepreneurship. A group of us have considered this serious modern day tragedy and have put together a Seven Point Strategy to Eliminate the threat of illegal migration, reduce the risk of social unrest and convert the challenges of modern day slavery into opportunities of entrepreneurship for sustainable development and investment opportunities.

    Seven point strategic solutions. Please find attached the Seven Point Strategies for Converting Global Modern Day Slavery to Entrepreneurship that promotes sustainable development and investment opportunities for your consideration. Kindly review and share it with your colleagues and sign below to support our campaign.

    Remember: It is Divine and the Right thing to do to change the lives of these vulnerable noble people towards empowered entrepreneurship!

    Thank you for your assistance and support for this mater,

    We remain:


    Global CoFFee Network Campaign to convert Modern Slavery into Empowered Entrepreneurship

    01 December 2013

    Seven Point Strategy to Convert Modern Day Slavery to Empowered Entrepreneurship
    The Global CoFFee Network Campaign to Empower Vulnerable Global Migrant Populations
    Our Goal: Challenging Modern Slavery with Empowering Enterprises- Promoting Youth and women Empowerment focused Entrepreneurship

    Re: A strategic solution- Entrepreneurial Global SBE Network (Small Business Enterprises)
    I. The Challenge: Changing the paradigm of migrant workers from Africa and Asia to entrepreneurs
    • Global Economic Crisis has generated an increasing number of African and Asian Emigrants perishing in the Mediterranean Europe, Arabian Gulf Terror Network, especially in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar and United Arab Immigrates and South Africa, etc. Asset: Risk taking population that can benefit from CORT Options

    II. The Context: Lack of Employment, competency and Socio-Economic opportunities in their respective countries.
    (Our Principle: Eliminating Threat, Reducing Risks and converting challenges into opportunities)
    1. Modern Slavery-increasing number of Africans and Asians being deported from Saudi Arabia and nearby Arabia countries and the Mediterranean region in a highly inhumane and terrorist pattern- (the case of Ethiopian immigrants torture and terror in Saudi Arabia and nearby Arabian and Mediterranean countries.
    2. Empowered entrepreneurs. Converting modern day slaves into empowered entrepreneurs wherever they live.

    III. The Opportunity: Develop the culture of opportunity, dignity, productivity, self -help and small business enterprises
    1. Provide strategic opportunities in addressing the perpetual problems of lack of employment with Small Business Enterprises, supported and managed by the best global institutions such as World Bank, IMF, bilateral and multi-lateral development enterprises. Convert Challenges into opportunities. Avoid the fiasco of un accountable Endowment Fund Crisis and the Lords of Poverty Experience of rent seeking NGOs, and parasitic state based organizations who are selling these vulnerable people for profit in the first place.
    2. Avoid the Middle- men. Rent seekers, slaveholders, illegal merchants, lords of poverty, state operated mafias, speculators etc.who created this crisis in the first place. Use Direct mobile banking and technologies.

    IV. The Solution: Immediate, short and long-term Empowered entrepreneurial solutions. Convert challenges into opportunities
    1. Create a Global Development and Enterprises Fund managed and supported by the best talent in the business from local and international partners that are accessible, transparent, and accountable to local stakeholders.
    2. The Resettlement and Enterprise Fund should be geared towards job creation and resettlement of internal and externally displaced immigrant workers with a focus on youths and women the main victims of this tragedy.

    V. The Strategy: Empowered Entrepreneurial Immediate, short and long-term strategies. Eliminate Threat, Reduce Risk, and Convert challenges into opportunities by empowering youths and women, the hope of the future.
    1. Change the culture of hopelessness into opportunity (excellence and success) by changing the Kaffala/Talent Sponsorship Program of Arabian and European Countries respectively.
    2. CAT Communication. Complete, Accurate and Timely Communication via ICT and Multi-Media Network to galvanize support and investment in the most vulnerable populations in the immediate, short and long-term with appropriate business plan, budget, and operation and performance evaluation protocol.

    VI. Entrepreneurial fund: Resource Generation, Banking, Credit line, training/education and small business enterprises
    1. Diaspora involvement. Use Diaspora networks to initiate the start up funds and seek to get matching funds from local governments, private and public enterprises and international partners.
    2. Banking and credit line. Use the international and local banks for managing the funds with appropriate mobile banking system that is reported via competent social media network.
    3. Matching funds. Ensure that the local government matches funds and resources generated from Diaspora, international sources. Ensure that the current slaving countries contribute to this fund.
    4. Credit line and payment mechanism. Make a Credit line for migrant workers with the help of local banks to develop small business enterprises that are monitored carefully and to be paid over time.
    5. Avoid middle men/institutions. Avoid the culture of dependency and corruption by running the whole project like a business enterprises with budget, productivity reports and performance evaluation.
    6. Direct and proactive involvement. Regularize the migrant workers with the local economy by ensuring productivity, business interaction with local public and private enterprises.
    7. Productivity Report. Ensure a calendar based productivity report at weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual interval.
    VII. Model Entrepreneurs. Replicate the success story of the entrepreneurs across the cultural and national boundaries with improvements to ensure such modern day slavery will never take place again.

    Follow up Seven Point Smart Action Plan

    1. Develop Global Entrepreneurial Network that provide guidance, support and expertise to these funds
    2. Follow Good Business Practice of Performance Evaluation at Design, Operation and Outcome level.
    3. Develop organizational structure that is led by a Board of Governance, Professional/Quality Improvement Advisory Board
    4. Develop a Senior Management Team that regularly monitors performance at daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly interval.
    5. Develop a Calendar based Business Plan with budget, operational plan and performance evaluation and regular reporting activities
    6. Publish results at regular interval to public and privare stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability.
    7. Develop An Annual Organizational Evaluation Tool for accountable reporting and lessons learnt implementation

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